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Here we go again - America's Army v2.8.0
 Posted by JayTech on 22.12. at 20:11 | ( 0 ) Comment
Wow, how many of you gamers out there expected this? The DEV's at were able to hand out their gift a little early this year! Folks, it has been only three short months since the last version was released, and yet here we have a brand-new version to play with. Kind of reminds me of the good old days... back when we had releases at least once a month *sniff*.

Anyway, reminiscing aside, here's a list of some of the features to expect:

  • No new maps, however now you can design your own (see the next item)!
  • New "Mission Editor" tool that will enable America's Army players to modify existing levels and/or create new levels using any of the existing art, sound, particle effects and gameplay assets created by the Dev Team.
  • Yes! Bug fixes galore! You love to hate 'em, now you don't have to anymore because they're gone.

    Fixes have been applied to the following areas: Admin Commands, A.I., Audio, Gameplay, Map Specific Issues, Server/Browser Related, U.I., Mission Editor, Vehicles, Weapons, Security/exploit related bugs, and more.

As always, you can download your own free copy by going to
Bittorrent users, click here

America's Army v2.7.0 (Overmatch) Released
 Posted by JayTech on 16.09. at 21:53 | ( 0 ) Comment
Hooah soldiers! It's a brand new version of your favorite game to explore! Yes, we're very excited of the new Overmatch features which include:

+ Missions featuring cooperative gameplay against Artificial Intelligence in which players experience the overmatch capabilities that the U.S. Army brings to the battlefield to engage and defeat much larger hostile forces.
+ A "record brief" for each player, replicating the records maintained for each Soldier in the Army. Annotations in this "record brief" document players' successful completion of in-game training from medic to Special Forces and summarize their game play history and performance.
+ The opportunity to train and employ new weapons systems including the Javelin Missile and the CROWS.
+ New vehicles, controlled by players and Opposing Forces (Enemy AI), which enhance the mobility, survivability, and firepower of combat teams.
+ Much, much more! A boatload of game tweaks & bugfixes have been added as well.

Check it out for yourself by downloading it at, or if you prefer to download via bittorrent, click here.

Note: There is no patch for this version, you must download the 2.5GB full install.

AA v2.7 (Overmatch) Update
 Posted by JayTech on 23.06. at 19:56 | ( 0 ) Comment
Ok, here's the latest info for the upcoming America's Army version.

First, although the DEVs originally intended to release v2.7 in July (per this GameDaily article), as would seem routine for AA releases, it appears the date has been pushed back by a month or more.

Banable wrote: wrote:


Slated for a EDIT**July '06 release, we shall see.......

[Dev]Pye wrote:

I'll save you the anticipation. It's not July.

[Dev]Pye wrote:

If it makes you feel any better, at one point it was set for July. You may infer from that how far or close off it is now.

According to Gamespy, v2.7 will be largely centered around a new game mode called "Overmatch", and will also include the much-anticipated drivable-vehicle feature:

The name of this new co-op mode is "Overmatch," and it's been promised for a long time. You and up to 11 of your friends can form up a 12-man Special Forces A-Team. There will be at least two co-op maps available, with at least one including a new drivable, up-armored Humvee with either a .50 caliber machine gun or a Mark 19 automatic grenade launcher mounted on top with the Common Remotely Operated Weapon Station, or CROWS. This is basically a powered turret that lets you operate a weapon via remote control from inside a vehicle. Now you'll be able to safely mow down insurgents from the relative safety of your armored HMMWV.

America's Army: Special Forces (Link-Up) V2.6.0 is here!
 Posted by JayTech on 09.02. at 12:35 | ( 0 ) Comment
Just as I promised yesterday that we would see the new version shortly, America's Army: Special Forces (Link-Up) V2.6.0 has now officially been released! You can grab the patch right now from the download section, or by going here!

Brief highlights include:

+ New Multiplayer Missions - Border & Dusk!
+ New AA Browser (Match-Making System) enhances
the game experience by providing advanced server
filtering options and stats displays, including:

- Filter by Average Honor (players on server)
- Filter by Geographical Location
- Filter by AA Tour (Ranger, SF, etc.)
- Search by Server Name
- Search by Player Name

+ New system requirements including America's Army no longer officially supports the
Windows 98 or Windows ME operating systems.
+ New PB Updating utility called pbsetup.exe
+ Support for forcing disabling of shadows
on all clients (CAL/CPL admins want this since shadows are exploitable as currently implemented). New Command Post field added to enable/disable this field.
+ New centered messages to warn users when they earn ROE by hitting friendlies or non-combatants.
+ Many bugs & exploits have been fixed; too many to list here
+ New America's Army Server Manager v1.3
+ Much more!

What are you waiting for? Go get it now!!

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